Podrick has been with us for a couple of years now and has only been in one home since he arrived as a very timid stray back in 2016. In that home he was said to be quite well-behaved, and liked his routine. Unfortunately on a walk there was an incident with a stranger who went to stroke him, and although Podrick hadn’t showed any issues previously he did bite this strangers arm and so he was returned to us. Since his return we have worked with him around people, and have found that he can be reactive to new people – especially if approached by them too quickly. After correct introductions he will make friends and you then have a friend for life, but strict advice from staff must be followed to ensure that Podrick doesn’t become overwhelmed as he loses trust in people quickly if he doesn’t already have a bond with you. Podrick is a strong boy who is quite big for a Staffie, he is a boisterous and excitable lad but he has a great character and loves to play. The home we feel Podrick would thrive in would be a home with one or two adults, who are confident with dogs and have an understanding of dog behaviour. A home in a quiet area where there isn’t too much going on would be ideal as after spending so long in the rescue and due to his reactivity/nervousness of strangers, he would find a busy area far too overwhelming and stressful. Podrick needs a home where there are no or very few visitors and strict management around introductions to new people would need to be in place. Podrick gets on well with most similiar sized dogs but doesn’t really know how to play properly and is very over-bearing for most dogs, and will react negatively if a dog barks at him first. He is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. Podrick needs lots of one to one attention and training, so owners that have plenty of time and willingness for this is a must. He needs to slowly and calmly be shown the great outdoors as he is easily overwhelmed by things, he acts like he wants to take on the world but deep down he is such a sensitive soul. He enjoys going for his walks and having a run around the garden and he would love a nice sized garden of his own to explore. Podrick isn’t a straight forward dog unfortunately, if only we knew what his life was like before arriving to us.. judging by the state of him and how terrified he was when he first arrived it is evident that it wasn’t very good. Seeing Podrick gain confidence, make new friends etc is so rewarding, and he would be perfect for people who aren’t afraid of a challenge. Once Podrick is comfortable with you, he bonds so strongly and gives you his all.. he is a very loyal dog and we think he definitely deserves a chance of finding his forever home with people who adore him and see potential in him like we do.

Anybody interested in Podrick will have to understand that it will be a slow process in rehoming him as we need to ensure we are going at his pace, with slow introductions to a home environment as it has been so long since he has experienced this. Podrick and his new owner/owners will have full life-time support from the NCAR team and our behaviourist Adam from k999.