Podrick is a beautiful black and white Staffie who arrived as a stray. When he first came in he was very scared, but came on well with time and patience. He was rehomed and settled in well, but unfortunately there was an incident with a stranger when out on a walk, so he has since been returned. This was the only incident in the 4 months he was in the home, and we have been working with his nervousness around new people since his return and feel he is improving, but this work must continue, with our support, in his new home. Podrick really is a happy-go-lucky chappy when he knows you and he does bond very quickly. He loves to play and run around like a loon, and is very popular here with the staff. He is also very food motivated and eager to please, which is great for training and reassurance. He does enjoy socialising with similar sized dogs of a similar temperament when on his walks, but can be very full on, so he would be best suited to an adult only home as the only pet. Podrick has so much potential and just needs someone to take a chance on him.