Perry is a lovely approximately 16.2hh gelding hoping to find his new human best friend to show him what the good life is like.

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Breed: Irish Sports Horse

Perry's Notes:

Perry is a lovely lad that needs his confidence boosting. Perry came into NCAR’s care after his owner unfortunately passed away, he came into our care with his current fieldmates; Ryan and Ruairi. All 3 boys were cared for at a livery yard but they haven’t had much done with them since their owner passed.

Perry’s previous owner had bred him so had owned him since he was a foal. He is looking for a quiet forever home in the company of other horses at all times. We are currently working on Perry’s confidence being handled, it is very clear that he is a lovely boy just looking for some guidance and reassurance. We are unsure if Perry was ever ridden by his previous owner, we do think this may be a potential for him in the future with a confident and experienced handler. Perry would love a home with a kind and sympathetic owner who has time and patience that’s happy to work on his training needs.

Perry is happy to live out 24/7 with other geldings where he can have access to plenty of grass and space to explore.

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