Patch is a super handsome boy, who has found himself in our care due to his owner having to move house. He has a loving nature with everyone he meets and just wants cuddles and fuss. He is a very large lad and is in need of a specific home as he is very strong to handle when out and about on walks. We have spent a lot of time with Patch and he enjoy nothing more than to zoom around the paddock, play with footballs, climb all over the agility equipment and try to squeeze himself into the play tunnel, which he really doesn’t fit into! He is super nosy and wants to see and meet everyone, even trying to jump into every open car boot, to see if there are any tasty snacks for him. He does forget how big he is and will easily knock people over, so he needs a home with people who are used to large breed dogs and also children aged 14+, as he hasn’t spent much time around younger children. We are doing lots of training with Patch when out on walks and he is now muzzle trained and walks wearing a Halti, as he doesn’t like other dogs and will be very vocal and pull towards when he sees them, but he is very food orientated and will focus on you when passing them, so we see great potential with the right handler. We are looking for a home in a quiet area, with very few dogs around, so he can go on stress free walks and enjoy his surroundings whilst having great fun. He is house-trained and has been left for long periods of time, with no mess or destruction and is fine around his food and bones. He especially loves a Kong filled with yummy treats and peanut butter! This gentle giant will certainly appeal to all big breed lovers and if someone has a good set of muscles and loves to go on adventures, then Patch could be the one for you. Full support from our behaviour team will be given to anyone interested and continued support when Patch is in his new home.