Wooof! I’m Oscar, I’m a very sweet and handsome boy who is looking for owners that will help me to become more confident and learn about the world.

Age: 4 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Collie

Oscar's Notes:

  • friendly with strangers
  • is toilet trained
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children

Oscar is a happy-go-lucky Collie, full of energy and love, who unfortunately was returned to the rescue due to a minor incident during a walk. Despite this, he is a very affectionate and people-loving boy who enjoys spending time with his humans.

He is quite fond of attention and prefers peaceful areas for his walks to reduce any potential stress. Oscar is seeking a loving home with experienced owners who have a passion for training and working with reactive dogs, or who are enthusiastic about working with the behaviour team at NCAR in order to understand Oscar’s behaviour and needs. He would do well in a peaceful environment where he can relax and feel safe.

Although Oscar can be a bit unpredictable around other dogs, he has made great progress during his stay at the rescue and would benefit from additional socialisation. His previous owners reported that he was a well-behaved dog at home, house-trained, and slept soundly through the night. Oscar is a highly intelligent and eager-to-please pup who loves learning new things. He would be thrilled to be the only pet in the household and receive all the attention and love from his forever family.

To help with his training and socialisation, Oscar has been muzzle-trained, and he wears it like a pro. He will need to wear it on walks where he may encounter other dogs as he can get a bit stressed and redirect that onto his handler. The rescue hopes to find a wonderful home for Oscar soon, as he has so much love to give and lots of potential to grow into a wonderful companion.

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