Woof! My name is Oreo and I am very cheeky :)

Age: 18 months old

Sex: Female

Breed: French Bulldog

Oreo's Notes:

  • is toilet trained
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with young children

Oreo is a stunning girl who arrived to us as a stray. We have been able to get some information about her previous home and this will be explained to anyone interested in adopting her.

During her first few days with us Oreo was very frightened and unsure of us and her surroundings. She is a different dog now though! She has bonded well to several staff members and enjoys lots of cuddles and attention. She can be slightly unsure of some new people but this is improving with regular and controlled socialisation. This will need to be continued when she goes to a new home and NCAR behaviourists will be providing all of the guidance for this.

Oreo has been introduced to several dogs since being in our care and has shown to be quite hit and miss with them. We feel that she may be better suited to a home as the only pet but this is something that we will continue to assess during her time with us.

She can still be unsure of being handled in certain situations, this behaviour is fear-based and she really needs a patient and understanding owner who will be willing to work with her and our behaviour team in order to help Oreo be more comfortable and gain confidence. For now we think that she would be better in a quiet home with no children.

Although she is only little, she can be quite strong on lead and anxious at times. We have been working on her lead manners and she is gradually improving, this is also something that will need to be continued when she goes to her new home as this will then help with her confidence.

Oreo is a comical girl who has a big character and lots of energy! she will benefit from lots of adventures and mental stimulation to keep her satisfied. She will be well worth the effort and time it will take to get her settled in the home and she’ll make an amazing adventure buddy 🙂

We understand that Oreo looks very cute and is likely to appeal to adopters because of this, but please only apply for her after considering her behavioural issues as she is going to require a lot of patience. Oreo will require multiple visits in order to form a bond before taking her home so please consider this too.

French Bulldogs can be prone to various medical conditions so in-depth research about the breed is advised as always as some of the conditions can be costly.

We really hope that she finds her new forever home soon as she really does have lots of potential in the right home.

Behavioural notes
Upon my first interaction with Oreo it was clear she was terrified of contact or even being close to me. She had clearly had some difficult experiences in her past and had developed a strong avoidance coping strategy. This was certainly the case around men, Oreo is much more comfortable around women, but still very wary of contact. Clipping a lead on or off her is a challenge for most people at the moment.
Oreo is very excitable, bright and alert. She clearly has had very little in the way of training or socialisation, but once the fears have subsided, she looks to be a very positive, fun-loving dog. Oreo loves a good run around and even tackled the agility equipment with no real concerns.
I’ve spent a few hours gaining her trust and confidence, which consisted of just walking her, running a little with her, exploring interesting places together then sitting calmly keeping her near to me, just at the edge of her comfort zones. I didn’t try to impose on her or make contact unless she did first. She now trusts me enough to be able to clip a lead on and off her without too much drama.
Oreo isn’t, at this stage, won round easily. He past trauma has left a big impression on her outlook and, coupled with her excitability, can make bonding with her difficult.
Oreo is no doubt going to attract a lot of attention due to her size, breed and coat colour, but these are the least of the reasons somebody should apply to adopt her. Oreo is going to need very accurate guidance to not only earn her trust then grow her confidence, but then go onto give her the basic training and socialisation every dog should have to be comfortable in every social situation.
The staff at NCAR and myself will be on hand to help with that.

Adam – Canine Behaviourist

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