Opie is a gorgeous collie cross who has been in and out of the rescue a few times now as he has had some issues in the home. When he first goes home, we have found that he is very on edge and the slightest thing can unsettle him and this is when he starts to act out. In one home he was very attached to the mum in the home and had started to guard her.. when the mum and daughter then had a argument, Opie snapped and bit the daughter as he was being protective of the mum. Due to his issues he is looking for an adult only home with an experienced owner that is willing to work alongside staff to get to know Opie to get a full understanding of his needs and behaviour before taking him home. He walks well on lead in general but can be strong at times and so would benefit from some basic lead training. As he is still a young boy, he is looking for a home where he isn’t left for too long, however he is crate trained and this could be continued in his new home. He would need a lot of stimulation when left by himself as to not get bored. As well showing some guarding of people, Opie can be quite protective over toys and food and so is looking to be the only pet in the home. He will need careful management in the home and may benefit from a single owner but this is not essential. Opie is looking for a very active household where he will get lots of exercise and outdoor stimulation as he is an intelligent boy. He can be a little stubborn, but is very food motivated and so this is beneficial for his training. Opie needs a home where he will have strict guidance and routine in order for him to be the best dog that he can be. Regardless of Opies issues.. he really is an amazing boy, he loves to have cuddles on the bench, people watch, go to the beach, go exploring and experience new things. We are very hopeful that within the right home, Opie will be able to settle in and show the amazing boy that we know he can be – he has lots of potential, he just needs a chance to show it.

Opie has been going home with a member of staff occasionally to get a better understanding of his needs:

I have a well established relationship with Opie and wanted to see his issues in a home environment in order to work on these at the rescue. While at home, Opie did display his guarding tendencies. He took a piece of clothing off the back of the door and took it up onto my bed and started to chew it. When telling him off and trying to take it off him, Opie was being very protective and guarding it. From this, we are trying to implement some work with Opie that will need to be continued in the home to work on his issues. He is such a nice boy and very loving but needs a home that will not let his sweet side take advantage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.