Noel unfortunately has found himself back in our care due to no fault of his own. He is 12 years 6 months and being a slightly older boy, he requires an ADULT ONLY quiet home to relax in and not have any added worries to his already upset life. Noel has been in his previous home for a few years up to recently and due to his age was starting to mess around the home, so this is something new potential owners need to keep in mind, as he may have accidents in the home. He is a sweet gentle boy who enjoys having time in the paddock and garden sniffing around and jogging along, although he can’t walk too far, he just needs someone to let him mooch around in the garden and go for short walks. He has no sight in one eye and is on eye drops which will be fully explained to anyone interested, but he manages just fine. Noel is fine passing other dogs on lead but just doesn’t want them bumping into him or getting too close as he startles due to lack of eye sight. He is confused to find himself back with us but enjoys nothing more than spending time with his favourite volunteers.