Nala is a male white and grey eighteen month old cat. Although he looks really cute we are looking for an experienced cat owner for him.   He has come to the rescue as his previous owners couldn’t cope with his behaviour and the children were frightened of him. We are looking for an adult home only with no other pets. Although Nala hasn’t been outside very much yet we feel once he has settled into his new home a safe outdoor space would be beneficial for him to use up some of his energy. Nala is a shy lad til he knows you so needs a quiet home but once he knows you he likes to be stroked and can be picked up. He is a bright cat who will benefit from puzzle toys that will keep him occupied. He loves his food and will hunt out sachets of cat food and guard them quite aggressively so they will need to be kept well out of his reach. With the right cat savvy people Nala will be a lovely lad but you may have a few challenges and adventures along the way.