Age: 4.5 years

Sex: Male

Breed: English

Mary & Easter's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • can live with sensible children
  • good with kids
  • has lived with children
  • is toilet trained
  • can't live with young children

Mary and Easter are are lovely bonded pair. They came into the rescue separately. Easter came in with another male rabbit who was bullying him so they had to be separated. Mary came in as a stray.

We soon noticed that these two seemed to like each others company so we bonded them, they are a very happy couple. Very good natured and enjoy food especially hay, running ,jumping and playing.
They would be most suited to a good sized hutch or shed with a secure garden or run to keep them safe from predators.

Mary and Easter would love a family with sensible children who would respect that they do need some personal space, but also like human contact on their terms.

Please be aware that our rabbits are adopted to the adults of the family and not the children, children do often become bored after a while and then show interest again later, The responsibility of the care of the rabbits is ultimately down to the adult.

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