Maisie is the tortie with the darker face and the orange line on her forehead, we were told she is six years old. Mopsy is the lighter tortie, she is the more confident one, we were told she is twelve years old. They came to the rescue after one owner passed away and one was admitted to hospital. They have been kept in a very small shed and not allowed out so we would consider them as house cats or they could go outside after a long period settling in, if it is a very quiet area. Mopsy is very friendly and likes to be stroked but Maisie is timid. We are looking for an adult only home with no other pets. Maisie is on treatment for hyperthyroid which she takes very well in her food. If any concerns on this condition you are welcome to talk to our vets. Please consider these two cats as they deserve to be spoilt in a loving home.