Magnum is a handsome long-haired tabby and white male cat. He is ten years of age and due to very early kidney problems we are looking for a long term foster home for him. This will mean that he can come back to see our vets at North Clwyd Animal rescue.  At present he is in a short term foster home where they have been able to assess him for us. We are looking for a quiet adult home for him where he is the only pet. Once he has settled in he is a cuddly, chatty and playful chap but he will need to gain his confidence in a new house first. We are looking for a home with an enclosed garden in a safe area away from busy roads.

If you are interested in sharing your home with this lovely older cat please send in an adoption application form found on our website under the heading rehome. If you suit his requirements then we will give you a ring.