Age: 2 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross

Luna 2's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • can live with sensible children
  • friendly with dogs
  • friendly with strangers
  • can’t live with cats

Luna found her way into our care as a stray and we managed to contact her owner who ended up signing her over to us so we did manage to get some details of what she is like in a home which will help find her the perfect forever home.

Luna has been a great girl since she arrived and has been happy meeting everyone, she is very bouncy though so we are looking for a home with older sensible children aged 12+. Due to how bouncy she is she will need a home with a garden with fencing at least 6ft.

She has met a variety of dogs since being in our care and she seems to get on okay with them, but definitely lacks confidence at times. She does have the potential to live with a compatible dog as long as the introductions go well here at the rescue.

Luna is a strong girl on the lead so will need somebody that can manage her strength and that will do lead work with her and advice will be given to any potential adopter. She has not been walked much in her previous home so this will explain why she does not know how to walk on her lead and is now looking for somebody who has time to train and socialise her. She does absolutly love a good run around the paddock playing with toys and burning off some energy.

Her previous owner said that she is house trained and will go to the back door when she needs to toilet, since being with us she has also kept her kennel clean. She has not been left much in her previous home so will be looking for a home where somebody is at home most of the day to ease her into being left.

Luna really is a great girl and is always happy to see you, we hope she doesnt have to wait too long!

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