Woof! I'm an older girl looking for a new home.

Age: 10 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Whippet X Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Layla's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • friendly with dogs
  • friendly with strangers
  • is toilet trained

Layla is a very happy girl who sadly after nearly 10 years in her home has had to be returned to rescue after a change in her owners circumstance.

Layla is practically perfect in every way. She loves everyone she meets and gives the best kisses. Due to her being an older girl she needs a quiet home where there is not got lots going on. We think she would be suitable to live with older, calm children 14+, but they would need to be respectful of her.

Layla is described as being brilliant around other dogs, she does have the potential to live with one that is calmer and not too young, ideally 7+. However she has lived most of her life as an only dog and due to her age we think that she may be better suited to somewhere where she can get all the attention.

She is said to not be bothered around cats so has the potential to live with one, however she is half Whippet. Anyone with cats wishing to adopt her must have prior experience with intergrating cats and dogs and have an already dog savvy cat within the household or a cat that spends most of their time outside of the home.

Layla is good at the vets and the groomers and is fine being touched. The only thing she does not like having done is her nails clipped.

She does have a few lumps and bumps that will need to be investigated at a later date with support of the rescue, we belive this is due to old age. She will need to loose a little bit of weight before this happens.

It should be noted that Layla is currently off site in a foster home, any applications will need to bare this in mind when booking an appointment as she will need notice to be brought down to the rescue.

We are hoping that Laylas age does not put off the right candidate and that there is someone out there who can let her enjoy her twilight years in their home.

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