Kizer is a 7 year old Staffie who arrived at the rescue as a stray, after being handed into a vets.. it was quite suspicious circumstances and it is likely that the people who handed him into the vets were his owners. Unfortunately we have no information on why they didn’t want him anymore, and we know nothing of his history. Kizer is a very friendly lad, he is quite an insecure boy who we have found to be very nervous of some new things, such as random objects/noises that take him by suprise. He is very keen to learn though! He is friendly with people but can be quite aloof until he develops a bond with you, but once he is familiar with you he loves cuddles! He has built strong bonds with quite a few members of staff now and he has started to show his fun, playful personality. He loves going on walks and having a run around in our secure areas, but would need walking in quieter areas due to him finding being around dogs very stressful. We do not know his history or his previous interactions with other dogs, but from what we have seen of him so far he is definitely not comfortable around them, and here at the rescue when they have gotten too close to him he has panicked and snapped at them and this will escalate if a dog gets too close to him, so management around dogs will be needed and he will never be a dog that can be off lead in public. Here at the rescue we will be muzzle training him as a tool to aid in his socialisation. Kizer is looking for an adult only home as we have no previous history on him. He is looking for an understanding owner who is willing to do lots of training with him, and is willing to work alongside our behaviour team here at the rescue. He needs a home with owners that will develop a good daily routine with him as this will help him to settle and build confidence. Kizer is looking for a home in a fairly quiet area with no neighbouring dogs or cats, as we feel he needs a safe, quiet garden to relax in.

We appreciate that the home Kizer is looking for is very specific, but he has been with us for around three months now so we have gotten to know him well enough to assess the type of home we think he will do best and thrive in.