Keiko is a 7 year old Akita cross American Bulldog and she is a lovely girl who has recently come back into our care from a foster home where she did really well and really enjoyed her home comforts! We now know more about Keiko and what she is like in the home.. she is lazy, not destructive, happy to be left for a couple of hours and is generally very settled in the home. She is polite around food, visitors and children aged 12+. Keiko has improved around other dogs and would go on socialisation pack walks, however she is looking for a home where she can be the only pet in the home with owners that will continue to socialise her slowly and at her pace as she can get stressed if she is introduced up close too quickly. She is very playful and is very affectionate, she loves having cuddles and will sit with you all day if she could and this definitely is the case when you take her in the paddock on site, she will climb up onto the agility equipment and wait for you to sit with her and give her as much attention as you can provide her. She is a firm favourite with her volunteers that take her out and they have seen how cheeky she can be and when she gives you that look that says “I’m waiting for another treat”. She can be strong on lead at times so owners need to keep this in mind and will need plenty of training when out on walks. Keiko enjoys going on nice quiet walks but is equally as happy to play in the garden and laze around in the house! She loves toys, kongs, cuddles/affection, treats and learning new things and has shown us how intelligent she is. She has previously been described as being dopey, affectionate and sweet which we definitely agree with! Overall we feel that Keiko has so much potential as long as her next owners are willing to put in the time and effort into her training and socialisation, we really hope she doesn’t get overlooked as she really does have so much love to give and we would all love to see her in her forever home.