Kane is a super handsome almost 11 year old Staffy, who unfortunately arrived back with us due to an incident in the home with the owner. He is quite a big lad with lots of strength behind him, so is in need of a confident handler to walk him, but when he gets going he does calm down. He loves having playtime in the paddock and garden and will jump at the chance of a good game of tug of war, which he always wins! Kane is ok with other dogs on lead from a distance but doesn’t want them in his face being boisterous or he will have a snap at them, so he wouldn’t cope being walked in dog parks or really busy dog walking areas, for Kane it means he can have a quieter and enjoyable walks when out and about. Kane is looking for a home with strict rules and boundaries where he is going to not be aloud on furniture and not to be overly fussed, he prefers the more hands off approach as he can be sensitive being touched on certain parts of his body. Kane is a STRICT ADULT ONLY HOME with no children visiting the home.