Jock arrived at the rescue due to not making the grade as a working sheep dog. He is an intelligent boy, who doesn’t understand why he is in kennels. He is a very timid boy, who is slowly coming around and growing in confidence over time. His new potential Adult Only family will need to take into account that they will need to visit the rescue quite a number of times to visit Jock with limited interaction with him at first due to him being anxious of new people. Jock finds the world a scary place and gets very overwhelmed by lots of things, so gradually overtime needs to be socialised and desensitised inside and outside of the home. He has never been in a home before so will need slow introductions and calm guidance when it comes to living indoors, he has never seen standard household objects such as TV’s, kettles etc before and these are things that are likely to frighten him. Jock has been walked with other dogs since his arrival and shows little interest in them but is very tolerant and as his confidence is growing so is his interest in them, he also tends to gain confidence when around other confident dogs so we feel a home with compatible dogs would suit him best. When Jock finds things are a little too scary he likes to run and hide to make himself feel safer, so he is in need of a very secure garden with 6ft fencing as he will stick to the boundaries when outdoors. When familiar with you, Jock likes a fuss and will even nugde for you to carry on if you stop! We are really trying hard with him here at the rescue and taking things at his own pace, however he is doing very well and being very brave.. he even goes out with some of our experienced volunteers now! He has bonded with some of the staff and gets excited to see them, and has even showed interest in playing with other dogs. With a calm, confident owner we are sure he will continue to improve, but until then we will carry on introducing him to new situations and environments and expand his world and knowledge at his own pace. Given the time and patience Jock so very needs, he will come out of himself and show you that anything is possible in the right home.

Watch Jock in a big dog mix;