Jigsaw is a gorgeous 3 year old cross breed who was originally born at the rescue and has recently been returned due to his owners being unable to cope with his behaviour. He is looking for a home as the only pet as does have some guarding tendencies and is very possessive of his food. This is something that will require long term management and Jigsaw should be left by himself when eating so he does not feel the need to protect his food (our behaviourist can advise on how to address and progress this issue). His previous owner advised us that he could be reactive when out on walks and he has displayed this behaviour here at the rescue too, we have been working socialisation with other dogs and can advise new owners on how best to continue this but he is looking for a home as the only pet. He has lived with children before, however due to his guarding behaviour we feel he would be best suited to an adult only home due to the management that is needed around food. Jigsaw is very affectionate with people and loves to cuddle. He is looking for a new family who are around most of the time as he is not used to being on his own. He is a very energetic boy and so is looking for an active family who will help him explore new places and keep him both mentally and physically stimulated. Overall, a really lovely lad that we hope won’t be back with us for long.

Check out this video showing some of his behavioural assessment;