Age: 18 months approx

Sex: Male

Breed: JRT cross

Jasper's Notes:

  • friendly with strangers
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children
  • can't live with young children

Jasper is approximately 18 months old and came into our care as a stray and no one came to claim him. He is a really energetic lad who is looking for an active home with people who will take him on lots of adventures. He has clearly had minimal training and socialisation as he can be very reactive to other dogs. He has also redirected when he is in a situation where his reactivity has escalated. Despite this, we have mixed Jasper on lead with alot of other dogs, and has been great – although – off lead he has been hit and miss. Some he plays beautifully with, and others he really does not like. For this reason – we would be looking for a home for him without other dogs present. He will need a home committed to further training and socialising him – and a home experienced with fiesty terriers would definitely be a bonus!
Jasper is only a young boy and just needs some guidance.

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