Age: Gracie: 1 year 5 months, Carlos: 10 months

Sex: Male


Gracie & Carlos's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • can live with sensible children

Gracie and Carlos are a bonded pair looking for a new home together.

Gracie is a short coated brown and white female rabbit who is 1 year and 5 months old. Carlos is a grey Lionhead rabbit who is about 10 months old.

Gracie is the more confident of the two where as Carlos does need a confidence boost so a quieter home where he is able to explore in his own time would be better. Both of them do love their food and it is important they are provided with toys in a new home as they do love playing. They are not fully litter trained yet so training would need to be continued in the home.

Gracie and Carlos are an adaptable pair and would be fine either in a home or a good sized hutch or shed with a secure garden or area for them to run and hop in where they are safe.

This pair would love a home with sensible older children as they have not been around young before and they would need to respect that they do need space but also like human contact on their own terms.

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