Glen is a super handsome collie, who unfortunately has come back into our care due to his owner passing away. He is an active and energetic boy, who enjoys nothing more than zooming around the paddock and interacting with dogs of similar energy. He hasn’t had much lead training, so does pull quite a lot when out and about, but with a confident handler, he is improving over time. Glen isn’t used to being left more than an hour at home and is in need of someone who is home a lot, as he does get quite stressed when he is left and will become vocal and destructive when he is alone for longer periods. He does need careful management around his food, as he will guard his bowl, so needs to be fed and left to eat. We are looking for a home with children aged 14+, who can get involved with his walking and also understand his feeding requirements. Glen has improved massively with dogs since being in his previous home and now has some walking and play buddies. He interacts well with dogs outdoors but does need to be the only pet in the home, due to his guarding issues with food. Glen is very confused why he has come back to us, but he is hoping his new family are on there way to meet him.

Here is Glen in a big dog mix;