Ghost is a 4 and a half year old Mastiff who has recently come back on site from his foster home after a break from kennels. He loves to meet new people and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with you and have a tummy tickle. Ghost unfortunately has mobility problems with his back legs and is looking for a long term foster home where he won’t be walked, but a large garden to wander around in and be played with. He likes a good game or tug of war and if there is a paddling pool big enough for him, he will get in and lay down to cool off, he loves water! Ghost is looking for a home as the ONLY PET due to his high dislike towards other animals, whether it be dogs, cats, livestock or small furries, he needs to be kept at a good distance from them. We are looking for a home with sensible teenagers aged 15+ with his mobility not being the best and that when he needs space, he can be left alone. Ghost would need checks ups at our vets on site, so new owners would need transport to be able to do this. Any medication that Ghost is on would be provided to his new fosterers and his medical needs would be gone through fully so everyone knows the general needs and care that is involved. Ghost is fully housetrained and such a good boy inside the home and we hope we can find him a loving home very soon as he is such a gentle giant..