Frazer was originally at the rescue and was rehomed. He has unfortunately found himself back here due to an incident in the home with the female owner. He had a tough start in life and was unfortunately not socialized very well or exposed to the world at a young age. He is a timid boy at first and gets easily overwhelmed with things, so any potential adopters would need to visit the rescue a few times a week to build up a bond with him. They would also need to work alongside our behaviourist on site to learn to understand Frazers behaviour, how to manage things in the home and set rules and boundaries for him. He has a strong character and will need a strict routine and plenty of exercise to keep him mentally stimulated. Frazer tolerates most dogs from a distance when out and about but will react if they bark or make a noise at him, so quieter walks are best for him, so he can have a stress free walk and enjoy having a good sniff around. Breed experience is preferable as he does show some typical breed traits, like chasing cars but with a strong handler, this can be worked on over time. Please note that Frazer needs an Adult Only Home where someone is there quite a lot of the time and he is to have no contact at all with children. Frazer will excel in the right home, if someone will give him the time he needs, with the correct boundaries in place.