Age: 17 years

Sex: Male

Breed: Dartmoor Hill/Shetland

Donald's Notes:

Donald is a 17 year old chestnut Dartmoor Hill/Shetland gelding who came to the rescue when his owner died several years ago.
He is definitely a little character and is very cheeky. He would be suitable as a companion pony as he has never been ridden but he likes to be the boss and has lived with a Shetland mare but is not particularly good with other geldings.

He is a very chunky little fellow about 10 hands high and is very hardy although he does like to go in the field shelter at night. He is on restricted grazing purely because of his weight which, despite our best efforts never changes. Fortunately though, he is not susceptible to and has never had laminitis although dusty hay can make him a bit wheezy. He has never been ridden but can be handled and will follow you around the field although you have to watch out for him giving you a sneaky little nibble.
Donald is ok with the farrier and has his teeth checked annually by our vet.

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North Clwyd Animal Rescue
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