Miaow! We are a cheeky pair of young cats looking for a place to roam :)

Age: 6 months approx

Sex: Male

Breed: DSH

Dezi + Dax's Notes:

Dezi + Dax are 6 months of age and came into our care recently. They have only ever lived in a shed/outdoors and had only ever been stroked by one man who would feed them so are not keen on being handled by new people. Due to their age we feel that it is best to find them a small-holding type environment where they can continue the life-style they have been used to rather than forcing them to live in a house when this is not what they want to do. Dax (ginger) has improved since coming to us and can be stroked sometimes so if whoever has this pair continues socialising them they may improve even more, but we feel it is important for them to have the option of just doing their own thing too. They will need a secure shed/building to initially stay in for a few weeks before being let out – this is to ground them to their new environment and increase the chances of them sticking around. Even when they are being allowed to roam it is important that they still have a shed/building for warmth and shelter if they need it. We are looking for a placement for them where the owners live on site.

If you think you could offer these cuties what they need then we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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