Dexter was originally at the rescue and unfortunately he has recently been returned to us due to his behaviour in the home. He is looking for a very quiet Adult only home, with experience of the breed and specific needs that will have to be met. Dexter has shown he gets very overwhelmed with people coming and going in the home and didn’t cope well with it. He needs a very strict routine, with set boundaries, so he doesn’t become overly confident in his new home. Dexter has been introduced to a few dogs since he came back into our care and with correct introductions, he has got on well with them. We do feel, that due to his strong personality, he needs to be the only pet in the home, so he can have one to one training done. He enjoys going for his walks and having a run around the garden, so would love a nice sized garden of his own to explore. He needs to slowly and calmly be shown the great outdoors, but best in quieter areas, so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by things.

Dexter has got a great personality once he is comfortable with you, he likes to play and loves a cuddle. This shows that if Dex’s training and education continues he has the potential to be a fantastic companion!

check out his video of the play session we set up for him…

here is Dexter being taught how to play tug-o-war by Nahla;

here is the big lad learning catch;

check out his photo album;

Dexter Bulldog