Woof! I have a very strong character and am looking for a confident breed experienced home with strict rules and boundaries.

Age: 5 Years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Bulldog

Dexter's Notes:

  • good on the lead
  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with dogs
  • can't live with children

Dexter has been with the rescue for a while and has had multiple homes, but has been returned due to his behaviour. He is a highly strung and stubborn lad who can become pushy if allowed to. Dexter has also displayed guarding issues in his previous homes, and as such, he needs a controlled introduction to visitors in his new home.

While he is a character who brings laughter daily, Dexter requires someone who will follow the behaviour team’s advice and provide the boundaries he needs to thrive. Dexter needs to be the only pet in an adult-only home. However, once he gets to know you, he is loving and excellent company.

With the right guidance, Dexter has the potential to become a wonderful companion and is guaranteed to make you smile!

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