Danny is a really striking tri-coloured lurcher, he has been in and out of the rescue for a few years now and is just simply waiting for his perfect family to come along. He has recently been returned to the rescue due to an incident with another dog out on a walk, he also took a disliking to a dog that he was staying with for a short while. He is a very friendly boy who loves everyone he meets. He is very well behaved in the house. He is a very energetic dog and does need a home where he will get lots of exercise, preferably with a large garden where he can burn off some of his energy. Unfortunately he does have quite severe separation anxiety so needs a home where he won’t be left on his own, and with someone that is willing to put time into his training. Due to his size and strength, Danny is looking for a home with older children. He can be quite reactive to dogs out and about so is looking for a home with someone who can carry on his socialisation. We feel he would prefer a home as the only dog and without cats due to his breed. Danny has been halti trained in the past and does walk well on this, so this could be carried on in a new home. He loves being groomed and enjoys a good fuss. He will make a great companion with someone who can handle him on his walks. We hope the right home comes along soon.