Daisy & Oreo are 21 month old Rex rabbits.  They have come to us due to the ill health of their owner, who was very upset that she had to part with these two beautiful girls.  They love each other very much and are always cuddling together, grooming each other or playing together.  They were not speyed before coming to us, so this has just been done and they are now ready to find their forever home.  They are fully vaccinated against myxi/rhd1 and rhd2.

Like most rabbits, they do not enjoy being picked up but, if you sit quietly with them, they will come to you and hop over and around you quite happily, so could be homed with sensible children over the age of 8 years.  They are quite clean in their hutch, using their litter trays well.  As they do not have thick winter coats, they would need a hutch inside a shed to keep them out of the worst of the winter weather and to give them the space they need to move around even in bad weather.   They need a double tiered hutch (minimum length 5 ft) and would love a run outside to play in and explore when the weather is sunny & warm.   They love having lots of hay to eat and enjoy a variety of vegetables too.  A really sweet pair who will make fabulous family pets.