Daisy-May recently arrived at the rescue due to her owner moving house. She is a fun, excitable girl who loves to greet everyone she sees and is a definite favourite at the rescue, due to her loving nature and if you ignore her she will bark to let you know she is there! She is only a young girl and has plenty of growing up to do, so needs a home where is she is going to have plenty of time spent with her indoors and outdoors. She would love a nice sized garden to explore and have a ball thrown for her after she has had her walks. She can often be seen carrying the biggest stick that she can find! Daisy has been introduced to dogs since her arrival and gets so excited to meet them, she doesn’t know how to read the other dogs body language and greets them with legs in the air as well as jumping on them, which a lot of dogs won’t tolerate. She would benefit greatly from training and socialising classes, so she can be taught proper manners and correct calm introductions when meeting other dogs, also lead work training, as she is a fairly strong girl and does pull a lot, so would love a confident handler to teach her to walk better. We feel she could potentially live with another dog, but it all depends on the other dogs nature and tolerance levels, pending mixes go well on site. Daisy would also benefit greatly from being the only dog in the home, so she has all of the time and training given to her. Daisy highly dislikes cats and will chase them, so there needs to be no cats in the home. She is used to being around older children and we feel a home with confident and sensible children aged 12+ that are used to boisterous dogs, but that can also get involved with Daisy’s training and socialising.


Daisy-May does suffer from allergies and is on regular treatment including monthly injections to help manage these which must be carried on to ensure she is kept comfortable. This is lifelong treatment so potential owners must be able to keep up with the costs.