Woof! I'm Dafydd and I'm a big, handsome lad who needs an understanding home with people who will be dedicated to working through my issues with me.

Age: 2 years approx

Sex: Male

Breed: Deerhound cross

Dafydd's Notes:

  • can’t live with cats
  • can't live with children

Dafydd is a lovely lad who arrived to us as a stray orignally, he was rehomed but was returned after two months as his owners were struggling with his behaviour.

In the home he was quite reactive to new people, cyclists and other dogs – he was definitely guarding his male owner, and our behaviour team will work closely with anyone interested in Dafydd to help prevent these issues in his next home.

He is a friendly boy when he knows you but can be nervous initially and has clearly had some harsh handling in the past as he is very flinchy and will run away if a male moves his hand or raises his arm too quickly, he’s definitely more comfortable with women.

He is very food orientated which will be helpful for his training and socialisation. He requires owners that will be patient with him and are willing to guide him and help to continue building his confidence. He generally walks well on the lead but can suddenly panic and try to bolt if something scares him, once he has built a bond with someone he does look at them for reassurance.

We feel he would suit a home in a quiet area as he is likely to be overwhelmed in a busy environment. Dafydd can be hit and miss with other dogs and is reactive to some at times. We feel Dafydd will best suited as the only pet in the home, but we will keep assessing this further during his stay.

Once Dafydd is comfortable with you he loves to play but can get a bit mouthy when excited however does stop when you tell him to. Dafydd is best suited to an adult only, quiet home and cannot live with cats as has shown to have a high prey drive.

He will need a 6ft fenced secure garden. Any one interested in rehoming Dafydd will be required to come up to meet him a couple of times to build a bond with him before taking him home.

Overall he is a lovely boy who will definitely appeal to fans of the breed.


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