Clyde is a 3 and a half year old Collie who has been signed over to us due to his elderly owner struggling to walk him. He has had a fairly sheltered life and has lacked in socialisation in some areas, he can be very timid around new people initially, particularly men. However during his stay so far he has made plenty of friends and grown in confidence and we will continue to work with him and will also be able to advise his next owners on how best to help him build confidence. He does bond very strongly to people and did guard his previous owner slightly which led to him being reactive to some staff on arrival. He has never been around children before so is looking for an adult only home. Being a collie, he does need plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation to ensure that he is well satisfied. Since his arrival we have introduced him to many dogs and he is off lead with a group of dogs daily, he is happy to be around other dogs but does tend to panic, tense up and growl if a dog pays too much attention to him.. if things are kept calm he is happy to interact. We feel he would do best in a home as the only pet but with owners that can continue his socialisation with other dogs outside on walks. He is quite strong on the lead and hasn’t had much lead training due to not being walked often, and mainly being off lead when he was. A collie experienced home would be best for Clyde as he does show typical collie traits such as herding, however this isn’t essential. Owners that understand about nervous dogs would be ideal. He loves a fuss and is very affectionate when he is comfortable with you! He can be barky when visitors come round and does need slow introductions to them and to be allowed to approach in his own time and then he is okay. Clyde would probably find living in a busy area quite stressful so he is looking for a home in a fairly quiet area where there are plenty of walks for him to go on. We are learning more and more about Clyde everyday as his confidence is growing and starting to show his cheeky personality! He is well worth coming to see as he is such an amazing, intelligent boy.

Watch Clyde involved in a big mix;