Buster is a handsome little 4 year old Shih Tzu who was recently returned to us due to changes in his behaviour in the home. He needs a home that has experience of the breed and owners who have experience of dogs with behaviour issues. Buster is a complicated little character who likes to push his boundaries and will take full advantage of you if you let him. Therefore he needs a home where he will have routine and structure, and owners who will be firm with him. Buster is affectionate once he knows you and does like a fuss but it has to be on his terms and he will let you know when he has had enough. It is important to note that Buster is not a lap dog and so if you are looking for a companion to snuggle on your knee then Buster is not the dog for you. He has bitten in the past when not getting his own way so it’s important to set the boundaries with him from the start.

Buster did previously live with another dog however, he can be very jealous and has displayed guarding tendencies of food, toys and people so we feel it would be best for him to be the only pet in the home. Having said that, he does get along well with dogs out and about and we would encourage new owners to continue to socialise him with dogs on walks. We also believe he is best suited to an adult only home where he can have the one to one attention he needs. Buster would also benefit from a quiet home with few visitors as changes in his routine can cause him to become overwhelmed and start acting out. If people are to visit the home, then we recommend slow and calm introductions with Buster being ignored as to not over excite him. In the previous home, Buster was crate trained and we would advise new owners to continue with this so he has his own space where he can go if he feels anxious. Overall, Buster is a sweet little guy who needs someone with a lot of time and patience to invest in him to see the potential that we can all see in him. Advice and support will be given to any potential owners both throughout and after the adoption process by the behaviour team here at NCAR.


Watch Buster getting involved in an offlead social session;