Buddy is a sweet 4 year old Patterdale Terrier, who was signed over to us due to high prey drive causing issues around the poultry in his previous home. He is a timid little guy who likes to take things at her own pace. He enjoys a gentle fuss once he knows you and this is usually on his own terms. He can initially be slightly hand-shy and timid of being over-fussed. He enjoys his walks and generally walks well on the lead. He has met a few dogs during his stay here at the rescue, and he has shown to prefer calm dogs to boisterous ones. Due to this, he would be best suited to a home as the only pet at the moment. However, he would benefit from further socialisation through correct introductions to other dogs when out and about. He can not live with cats, small furries, or poultry. He would benefit from further basic training and gentle desensitisation to the world. He is a funny little character that we feel hasn’t shown his full personality yet, so it will be a case of taking it slowly with him and getting to know him at his own pace in a home environment, we aren’t sure if he has ever lived in a home before so may need some guidance on house training and he could potentially be re-homed with sensible children 16+ years, who will respect his space and give him some quiet time when needed. Overall, he is an independent little guy who we feel will appeal to terrier lovers!