Brave Bobby Bones

brave bobby bones

"They call me Brave Bobby Bones, I've had it tough in the past but I'm really looking forward to an amazing future!"

Age: 18 months (approx)

Sex: Male

Breed: Bullbreed mix

Brave Bobby Bones's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • can live with sensible children
  • can live with other dogs
  • friendly with dogs
  • friendly with strangers
  • good on the lead
  • good with kids
  • has lived with dogs

Bobby is a young Bullbreed cross, his back story is well known as he captured the hearts of the public after being handed into the emergency vets on New Years Eve completely emaciated. He arrived at NCAR 4 days later and has been out on foster with our behaviourist who has over seen his rehab and recovery.
We estimate his age to be around 18 months old

Bobby is now well on his way to recovery and ready to move on into his forever home!

He is a really sweet positive dog with a lot to learn, but he’s still a bulldog type so isn’t very subtle or delicate.

He would really suit a home where he isn’t left for long. He’s suffered too much neglect in his life and we’d like him to go to a home where he gets plenty of opportunity to spend quality time with his new family. He loves attention and loves cuddles!

Bobby still has lots to learn and lots of socialisation to complete, although so far, with a little guidance, he’s coped well with every new situation he finds himself in. So giving him new positive experiences is essential to ensure he keeps progressing.

Signing up to training classes with Bobby would be a good idea, not only does he love to learn, this would also give you some good tools to use with him in other areas.

He still has some health issues which, although improving all the time, will need taking into account. The muscles around his hips and rear legs still need building up, so he has some exercises we’re working on under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Bobby has also started hydrotherapy which will also be important building up his strength and mobility. We feel it’s important Bobby continues this, especially as both the physiotherapist, Tara from REC Vet Physio and Caroline from Mochdre Hydrotherapy, have offered their services for free.

As Bobby still hasn’t got full strength through his hips he has to be careful about boisterous play. He is still prone to slipping and straining himself.

Bobby clearly wasn’t walked much in his previous life as the pads on his paws are really soft. These will take time toughen up, but in the meantime walks on hard surfaces, like tarmac and concrete should be limited to less than 30 minutes a day. Grass and softer more forgiving surfaces are ok though.

Bobby has been living with two dogs (Nahla and Daisy) whilst on foster and has had other dogs coming and going from the foster home. Bobby has had a great time learning from these dogs. Bobby hasn’t got great social skills, he can be a bit clumsy, a bit forceful and is rather short on manners.

Although Nahla and Daisy were very tolerant of Bobby I can see how other dogs might find him too much. Bobby also likes to copy those dogs around him, which isn’t an issue with Nahla and Daisy as they are generally good influences. But if Bobby went to live with a dog who showed excitable behaviours, or fear based behaviours then his confidence would drop fast and he display the same behaviours but much more exaggerated! So although we would love Bobby to live with other dogs, they would need to be very calm confident dogs who can also set good examples for him.

We don’t want you to consider applying for Bobby because of his past, we want you to apply for Bobby because of what you can offer his future!

Check out Bobby’s journey on his video diary page;

YouTube video

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