Boss arrived at the rescue unfortunately due to his owner passing away and no one could care for him. He is a gorgeous and super clever boy, who is willing to learn new things every time you take him out and will ‘Speak’ when you ask him too with a big ‘Woof’. Boss loves a good game of tug of war, which he never loses and enjoys nothing more than a good run around in the paddock. Boss does have a very individual character and strong nature when it comes to doing things his way and this will need careful management in his new home, but advice and help from the behaviour team will be given to his new people before and after he is adopted. Boss has never been around children in his previous home and with him needing management towards his behaviour, he is looking for ADULT ONLY home. Boss can be very hit and miss with other dogs on site and doesn’t like them to get up close to him, so needs to be the only dog in the home. Boss would love to a home to call his own and really would love constant company, as he gets very distressed being alone. Given time, he will make a super canine companion in his new home.