Bodie here! Pleased to meet you all.. I am a scared boy at the moment and really would like a quiet home to call my own..

Age: 3 Years Approx

Sex: Male

Breed: Hound

Bodie's Notes:

  • can live with older children
  • can live with sensible children
  • can live with other dogs
  • friendly with dogs
  • can’t live with cats

Bodie arrived recently with us as a stray and sadly his owners have never come forward for him.

He is a very shy and timid boy when he first meets you, but given time, he is coming out of his shell each day.

He is looking for a very quiet and calm home environment, where he can build up his confidence in his own time, so we feel a home with teenagers 16+ would be best suited to his needs. Due to his shy nature he is a big flight risk currently, with an understanding and dedicated owner this will hopefully turn around given time.

Since arriving, we have introduced Bodie to different dogs on site and he thoroughly enjoys their company. He will pull towards them and wants to greet every dog he sees. We definitely feel Bodie would be best suited with another dog, but a calm and confident dog would suit him best. Preferably a female dog that Bodie can bond with over time and rely on them to gain his confidence.

Since his arrival, Bodie definitely is not house trained but advise and guidance will be given to any potential adopters. Being a hound Bodie would not be suitable to live with cats or other small furries.

We can tell Bodie hasn’t had the best start in life, but already we are seeing the loving and gentle nature coming through, so we know that given time in his new home, he will be a real heartbreaker..

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