Benny is a handsome 4 year old wolfhound cross who has been returned to us. He is a very bouncy and friendly lad and greets new people like they are old friends. He does need teaching some manners however, as when introducing himself he does tend to jump up. Benny is looking for an adult only home as he can be jealous of children and so would prefer to have all the attention to himself. Benny is a very playful boy and he loves all kinds of toys and having a good run around therefore he would really love a big garden with fencing of at least 6ft high. Benny is very anxious around other dogs and can be reactive at times as he was attacked by another dog when he was younger. Due to this, Benny is looking for a home as the only pet so he can have the one-to-one training he needs. We are working on this issue with him here at the rescue and would encourage new owners to continue this by slowly and calmly introduing Benny to dogs to build his confidence and social skills. Advice and help on how to do this will be given by the behaviour team at NCAR. Overall, Benny is a very sweet and affectionate boy who will be an amazing companion in the right home.

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Benny the Deerhound