Bella is a really lovely girl who was terrified when she first came into us. Over time she has grown in confidence and formed strong bonds with some of the members of staff. She can be very wary of some new people at first but she is quite food motivated which helps but in general she just needs to be given time and patience to approach people in her own time. When Bella has been off lead in the paddock with people that she knows, she is a super playful girl that loves to be chased and played with, she loves to play with toys, especially ones that she can play tug of war with! Bella can be quite strong on lead at first but will settle down after she gets going, she loves to explore and have a good sniff of new places. She can be easily distracted by her surroundings, especially by things that she is unsure of so at times she does need a little bit of encouragement to get her going again. She has met quite a few dogs during her stay so far and she has got on well with each one. She can be quite full on at times which is fine as long as the other dog has a similar play style. Bella is looking for a quiet home with very limited visitors due to how overwhelmed she gets. Due to her being a nervous girl, she is looking for an ADULT ONLY home. We really hope that someone gives her a chance soon as she really does have so much potential in the right home.