Bailey is 9 years and 7 months old and has recently been returned to the rescue due to being unsettled around the baby in the home. He is a friendly, boisterous boy who enjoys his walks and meeting new people. In his previous home he would over-excited when visitors came round so management would be needed in this area. He is looking for a quiet, adult only home and a home where he can be the only pet. He passes dogs fine here at the rescue, but does tense up when they come close to him and doesn’t want to interact with them. He is sensitive about having his feet touched and can become quite defensive in this situation, so this must be kept in mind and understood by his new owners. He loves human interaction and is quite a needy dog! Bailey needs a home where there is someone around all of the time, or with people he can go to work with/in the car with as he can become very stressed when left on his own and can be destructive in the home. He can be quite strong on the lead at times so may need further training in this area. He is a very playful boy, and he adores rope toys (they just don’t last very long!). We really hope a suitable home for him comes along soon, as he really does have so much love to give.