Badger was recently returned to us as his family were struggling to cope with his behaviour. He is very anxious around other dogs but we are working on this here at the rescue, therefore he will need a new home who can continue this with him and help him to stay calm around other dogs. due to this, Badger is a looking for a home as the only pet so he can have his one to one training but we would encourage new owners to try and socilaise hime with dogs on walks once his confidence has built up. As Badger is deaf, he can be a little nervous in general as he can’t hear you coming and so it is important to be patient and take things slow when approaching him. He is a gorgeous boy and is looking for a home where his owners are home a lot of the time, as he loves company and does get quite upset if he is left alone. He doesn’t seem to know any sign language, so it would be really beneficial for him to learn some basic commands. He is so eager to learn new things and has responded well to food treats, so we feel he has great potential with the right owners to learn. He loves going for walks and is a fairly strong boy at times, but with daily lead work, this is improving. Due to us not having any back ground on Badger and lack of hearing, we feel a home with sensible teenagers would be best for him, so he can be left alone when he is sleeping and eating and to understand when he is in need of time to himself. We have seen what a fun character he has got and he loves to chase you around in the paddock and have a good tickle on his tummy. He will make such a great addition to his new home and we hope his new family are eagerly awaiting meeting him.