Abbie is 9 years and 3 months old and has recently been returned to us after her owner sadly passed away. She was very shut down on arrival, and very nervous but she is improving daily and likes going for her walks and is even showing her cheeky playful side now! She is used to a very quiet home so is looking for similar again, in her previous home she did show to be quite protective of her owner and did nip family members when they came close to her owner so is looking for a home without many visitors, or in a home where boundaries can be put in place. She is looking for an adult only home but could potentially live with compatible older dogs after correct introductions have been done. She is house trained, walks well on the lead and is good when travelling in the car. During her stay with us she has met quite a few dogs and has been fine with them all, she does tend to ignore them. When it comes to new people she can be nervous and wanting to avoid them initially, but it doesn’t take her long to warm up if people are patient with her.

Here is a little video of Abby soon after she arrived making friends and getting groomed a bit;