North Clwyd Animal Rescue operate a strict adoption policy for adopting a pet. We make sure every animal is homed to a safe environment where their individual needs will be met and the animal can live a happy and health life.

Adoption Process

When you visit NCAR we do ask you to fill in a short form, where we can gather information from you, which helps us assist you to find the perfect animal.

An animal carer will help and advise you to find the perfect pet, if you are looking to adopt a dog, we have a detailed book of the dogs available for you to browse through and our animal carer will guide you as they know each dog personally. Unlike other kennels we do not allow you to walk around the kennels, this is due to the dogs welfare – as they get very stressed when new people go into the kennels, plus you do not see each dog properly as they are all wanting your attention.

So we will bring each dog out to you, so you can meet them and take each dog for a walk in your own time and meet the true personality of the dog.

If you want to adopt a cat or rabbit then the process is slightly different – you will again be assisted by an animal carer who will take you into the cattery and rabbit unit for you to see each animal. They will give you any information and guidance that you need to choose the right animal for your home.

After you have chosen your new pet we will reserve that animal for you, we do ask for a non refundable deposit. We then will let you go home and have a reflection period to make sure that you have made the right decision.

As our adoption process is such an important decision for your family, we do ask if you are wanting to view any animals to ensure you give plenty of time. Our opening times are between 11am – 4pm, but it can take up to an hour so we do ask if you are wanting to see any animals please come before 3pm. We do not want to rush this process so please give plenty of time for your visit.

Home Checks

Once you have reserved an animal we will give your contact details to one of our home checkers – they will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for the visit. Please understand that our home checkers are volunteers, your home check will be completed usually within a week from reserving an animal.

Once the home check has passed you will be contacted by the rescue to arrange an appointment to collect your new pet and complete the adoption process.

Every animal from NCAR:


All our animals are neutered before leaving our rescue, if for any reason this has happened before the adoption date, then we will provide you with a neutering voucher for this to be done soonn after adoption.


All our animals are vaccinated to prevent any illness occurring, we insist that this is kept up to date on an annual basis. The vaccination covers the following:

Dogs are vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo virus and Parainfluenza
Cats are vaccinated against Feline infectious enteritis and Feline flu
Rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral haemorrhagic disease.


We microchip all our animals before they leave our care to ensure that they are registered if they were to go missing. We now use a company called Avid – they allow us to do a dual register, this means we can register each animal to NCAR and their new owners.

Worms and Fleas

We treat all our animals against fleas and worms, using Frontline and Milbamax – these products are available from NCAR or your vets, we advise to use these products instead of products you get from your local pet shop.

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