Cat Adoption

At the sanctuary we currently have many lovely cats & kittens looking for family homes. What ever age you are looking for I am sure we kind find you the perfect pet. We have over 60 cats & kittens in our care at any one time, we also have many semi feral cats and kittens. These are looking for homes in stables or on small holdings where they can come and go as they please without having to have lots of human attention.

We like our cats to be loved and cared for but obviously every cat loves to explore outside, what we do ask is that you keep your cat in for up to six weeks initially to get them settled and used to your family, before letting them outside to explore.

Some semi feral kittens we have in will be suitable to live in a home environment if there is someone who is experienced and willing to put in time and give them plenty of handling. It can be a slow process but once these cats trust you they can be extremely friendly.

To see some cute videos about adopting a cat or kitten then why not visit WHISKAS Youtube channel

The launch of WHISKAS Kitten Kollege is here, the first two episodes of the WHISKAS Kitten Kollege story have been uploaded and LIVE on YouTube. 5 further episodes will be released, one a month between now and April.

There are also 10 lecture style videos which have been launched to help kitten owners during the year of kittenhood with another 4 to be launched in the New Year, please take a tour and learn how our student body enjoy a full and varied kittenhood.


Cats Suggested Adoption Donation £60

Kittens Suggested Adoption Donation £80

Includes Neutering, Vaccinations, Microchip, Flea and Worm treatment, General Vet Check

This suggested adoption donations helps to cover veterinary fees and the cats care whilst at the sanctuary.

On reserving an animal, we will need a deposit of £10 per cat

We always do a homecheck on every cat which is adopted from the rescue. We need to make sure the garden is secure, that the home is suitable for a cat, and that you don’t live next to a main road where the cat may be injured.

The adoption process shouldn’t take much more than a week to be completed, homecheck included.

(this may vary by location)